Thursday, 30 July 2015

July 29th, 2015

A bit of a peculiar day, really. Not much development - but meeting people, and introducing them to my new worlds.


I'm back in London for a few days, and it's the first time I've met Gabi since filming the majority of the piece. We watched the whole of the film together. It's difficult to gage if she liked it or not. She says she would have done bits differently if she'd directed the piece.

I met up with my old work colleague Kathryn Smith too. She started in Ushers, and has supported me for a while. Kathryn says she'll watch Fellow tomorrow, but is happy to see me making stuff, and being this confident about it.

Eight Months Last Tuesday

I've now read up to the 60 page mark of Seconds - one of the comics I was given as homework by Tiziana, to familiarise myself with her art style.

More excitingly! I've cracked the first page - it's based around what Joey would have done for Ann, leading to a joke about him robbing some place for her... but he is actually robbing it. Sssh, you. I'll make it work.

Kathryn and her partner Glenn like the idea. A lot! Glenn asked an interesting question - what type of time machine is it? I hadn'd really considered it. Like HG Wells'?

More soon!
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