Thursday, 2 July 2015

July 2nd, 2015

It seems the heat wave is over, in Manchester at least...

Still, the rain allowed me to film some fun scenes!


Yep, I shot myself jumping into puddles. Only yesterday, with heat at 30oC, it would have seen absurd that I'd be able to do that just 24 hours - but here we are! The shots make up more of the montage from Act 2 Part 1.

I also shot Horatio sitting down, watching a number of DVDs from 2006/7. Truth be told, I found this sequence very difficult. How do you communicate in a handful of seconds that somebody is watching films from a bygone era? Or is just having a pile of the DVDs on screen enough for the audience to put two and two together? I dunno. Might end up reshooting the DVD bit at a later date.

(In years to come I'll look back on this bit of the film, with a glow of nostalgia. I'll say something like "DVDs, I remember them!")

After this I moved onto shots from Act 2 Part 2. To differentiate between the two videos, I've had Horatio switched hoodies between videos. He wears a yellow in Act 2.1, and a brown in Act 2.2. In a way, it helps me get my head around where Horatio is at emotionally when I record (as he's very happy in 2.1, and a little more sombre in 2.2)

Anyhoo, today's shots included Horatio searching his kitchen for food. I have to record Mum's half of the sequence when she's back from her holiday - but for now, I think it works. It'll be another funny sequence in the film. I've got enough of 2.2 now that I've assembled a rough version of the video. Will help me when I come to completing the script tomorrow (for I've been a bad boy and not done so today...)

I have another two or three scenes that I'm able to record on my own tomorrow.
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