Friday, 31 July 2015

July 31st, 2015

As the month drawers to a close, I'm looking back and seeing some bizarre things.


Mostly - Fellow is made! After 8 years... How'd that happen?!

I've decided, I'm going to stay away from the project until 10th August. After that I'll return, and film Act 1's montage. At the same time, I'll finalise the sound edit.

The project will likely premiere on my Youtube channel in September.

This tactic allows me to focus on other projects in the meantime...

Eight Months Last Tuesday

Shamefully, no further update! I have set myself the target of having the first Act written by that August 10th deadline, though.

Creeping (or Creepy) (or Susie...)

I think I'm going to write this once Eight Months Last Tuesday is complete, and I'll then film it immediately. This should be around Halloween, which means I might end up with a second consecutive horror themed film!

I like this idea. It can be very creepy (in multiple ways!)

A Documentary About God

I recorded an interview in 2004, intended for a documentary... about God.

However, nothing more came of the project. I saved the footage onto a VHS tape... where it's remained trapped ever since, as nobody uses VHS anymore.

Anyhoo... I brought the tape back from London with me - to immediately find a VCR player at home, hidden away in storage by my Mum. It means, with the right cabling I can now upload the VHS tape's contents onto my laptop, and upload to Youtube.

Before that happens though, I think I would need to record a special intro to explain what the footage is, and put a context around it. I will attempt this tomorrow.

So watch this space, as another one of my projects may materialise online before too long - after many years in the VHS abyss!!
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