Saturday, 4 July 2015

July 3rd, 2015

Whoop, whoop! It's my 450th blog entry!


Act 2 Part 1 is virtually complete. I have a couple of 2 second shots to add in over the next week or so, but aside from that all is filmed. The reason for this is simple: I chopped the end montage in half. Originally the full 3 minutes 55 seconds of Mika's "Love Today" played out, over a series of shots showing Horatio doing his thing. Trouble was, I couldn't think up enough 'teenage' stuff for the character to do to pad out the run time. On top of that, I watched the montage back, and just thought after a minute or too it was dull. It had done everything it needed to do, and by carrying on was simply out staying its welcome. So I felt it best to trim it back to what was necessary.

Shots filmed today for the montage:

+ Horatio painting his nails black, and applying goth-like make-up.

+ Horatio sticking two fingers up at camera

+ Horatio reading 2 Harry Potter books (Chamber of Secrets/The Half-Blood Prince) [footage ultimately not used]

I also recorded three bits of narration - a remount of Horatio saying "The answer I'm leaning more towards...", him stating "Look at me, the Horatio Maguire of old is back!" and him laughing, then saying "I did it!"

I edited, and saved the video. I'll return to it once those last 2 shots are added, and will then make final changes. Ironically, this second video will end up being completed before the first!!

I also shot a sequence for Act 2 Part 2, where Horatio sits in his room eating cereal. It's another nod to Self - although the footage this time is unlikely to remain in black and white!

With that done, I think I'll have to wait until next week when my mum and step-dad return from holiday, before I can resume filming. Guess I concentrate of Act 2 Part 2 and Part 3's scripts until then.

Over and out!
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