Sunday, 5 July 2015

July 4th, 2015

All in, a pretty substantial day in the life of me!


Firstly, filming. I shot a cute little sequence for Act 2 Part 2. In it Horatio sits on his bedroom floor, thinking up what to do next. His thoughts appear on screen as captions:

I also recorded the narration for the first half of Act 2.2.

Next up - costumes!

I was out in Manchester today, and bought a few things for the film. First up - this hoodie:

The jacket is for Act 2 Part 3, where Horatio is flirting with the idea of writing again. I printed the "lure of the sun" comment on, as it's a line of dialogue that we established Horatio having written in Self (in the scene where he is directing an actor, before having a hissy fit).

To go with it I bought an Empire Strikes Back t-shirt because... well, that would be telling. But there's method in my madness!!

Finally for the clothes, I got this t-shirt:

It's Horatio's work t-shirt, needed for one of the only outstanding scenes in Act 1. I can now film the short bit where Horatio is working his dead end job - though I'll have to wear a cap too, as my hair is a lot shorter now! I might wait until I'm back in London and film this with Gabi - although if I can convincingly film in Manchester, pretending its London, I will.

Next up - writing! Yep - I finally did some! To update, Act 2.2 is now just missing a concluding scene, and I have Act 2.3 pretty much mapped out in my head (it involves a tent) - and I have a big chunk of Act 3 worked out too. So there's not many more dots to join together, before the puzzle of Fellow is completed!

And from an editing stand point, I've got my first rough assembly of Act 2.2 (it's just missing that not-yet-scripted/filmed concluding scene). Looks good! Has a different feel to the first two segments; I think that's good, though. We're getting deeper in to the mind of Horatio now, and it's no longer merely set-up, but a little pay-off too.

It's late, but before I go to bed I'm going to watch the first 3 segments back to back. Just because I can. Nighty night.
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