Tuesday, 7 July 2015

July 6th, 2015

Has it ever taken you a while to get something off your chest?


Act 2 Part 2's script is complete!! It's taken an awful long while to get to this point.

See, at the end of this particular script Horatio Maguire decides he's going to write again. In reality, it's the main motivation behind all of Fellow. The series is an exercise in manipulating its lead character into making this decision.

When I made Self back in 2007 (a film which ends with Horatio quitting writing), I pretty much decided I want to create a follow-up. For a while, it would have started with Horatio already writing again - until I realised I was missing out a good chunk of dramatic narrative by not exploring his return to the creative arts.

For years and years the big hold up with Self's sequel (in all its different guises) has been cracking, realistically, when somebody would decide to pick up their pen and write again. Each time I attempted it, I didn't quite get the character's emotionally journey right. Hopefully I managed to crack it tonight - although as its author it's too difficult for me to tell if what I did works, as I'm too close to the piece. We'll see.

I've also wrote another couple of scenes for Act 2 Part 3, meaning I only have the climatic montage sequence (where Horatio's world changes again) and another couple of scenes prior to create. It's the first time I've written out of order, actually. I'm not sure if I like it. There's something 'real' about writing chronologically, as if the character's emotions flow more naturally through my writing.

Away from writing, I filmed a fun scene where Horatio sits in the kitchen talking to himself. It's one of only a few scenes in all of Fellow where I've got to flex some acting muscle. That's the curse of a film where the character emotes through emotion - it's nigh impossible to see it, or realise there's acting at work!

Mum's back off holiday any minute now (literally). Hopefully she's up for filming over the next few days, meaning I can conclude most of the remaining scenes of Act 2 Part 2, and move onto Act 2.3. I think I'll likely take a break then before moving onto the finale - Act 3.
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