Thursday, 9 July 2015

July 8th, 2015

The past few days have taken their toll. I'm exhausted! Anyhoo, another filming day...


Interestingly, I shot footage for three different videos today:-

Act 1

Finally, I filmed the scene of Horatio hard at work in his dead end job! In the original assembly of Act 1 you might remember that I used footage from Ushers to illustrate the point. I never intended to keep this clip in the final film.

You can see that Horatio works given out leaflets for a comedy club. Why a comedy club? In the original version of this film (titled The Fool) Horatio would have gone on stage at such a place, and delivered a comedic monologue. Funnily enough, I borrowed the baseball hat he's wearing here off my friend Phil... and unknowingly, atop it was the word FOOL. Strange coincidence!

Act 2 Part 1

Was going to film a shot for the montage scene, where Horatio has a tantrum with his Mum. Sadly, I ran out of time - so this will have to ait until another day!

Act 2 Part 2

I did, however, shoot the more substantial conversation between Horatio and his Mum, where she asks him to pay the rent.

Together with Phil Wooller, I also shot the missing close-up from Horatio's meeting with his friend in the park - and reshot where his friend asks "Are you still writing?"

I had intended to shoot his friend's 'voice of God' narration, but we couldn't find somewhere quiet enough in Manchester City Centre to do so, before we ran out of time.

I edited it all together. It means that Act 2.2 is now just missing one short shot, and it's completed! Well, on a rough level. Still lots of picture and sound stuff to do.

Act 2 Part 3

And so, work moves on to the next segment. Yep, for the first time I shot sequences from video four in the Fellow series!

The single scene shot comes from near the beginning, where Horatio finds he is locked out of his house. I have to say, watching the footage back, edited together it looks very very good! I'm surprised - in a good way! - by how many laugh out loud scenes are in this series.

I'm off to watch The X Factor being filmed tomorrow (don't ask...) - but if I can, I'll be chipping away at later Act 2.3 scenes when I get in. I'm a little nervous... the end of this particular segment, if done right, could be the most dramatic work I've ever produced. I've put the pressure on myself to do it justice!
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