Friday, 10 July 2015

July 9th, 2015

I spent most of today locked away, watching a round of X Factor auditions at Trafford Park's Event City. Despite not being much of a viewer, it made an interesting experience actually. I was watching the tech teams at work - and it really put my amateur productions into perspective!

(I'm still very proud of what I achieve on the limited resources I have)


Work continues on filming for Act 2 Part 3. Today, I pitched a tent up in the back garden, and filmed a brief scene where Horatio's dad approaches it, to ask his son if he wants a beer with him. I shot it in the literal dying seconds of daylight, and was initially concerned that the light levels between shots wouldn't match up. Having edited the sequence, I need not. It looks OK - although I have to work to do fixing the sound for the scene.

I still haven't told my step-dad (who is playing Horatio's Dad) of his character's fate, and what I'll soon need him to do. Should make for an interesting conversation!

On that note, I need to plan the end sequence of this partially segment out very specifically. I want to time it to a piece of music. I already have a track in mind.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm off out into Manchester city centre again to shoot some bits for that end sequence - which makes planning it out beforehand especially important!
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