Thursday, 30 July 2015

Out of London

I moved my possessions out of Gabi's apartment today. At the same time, I said goodbye to her room. I know it was never my home per se, but I'm still sad to see it go. That place felt like a comfort, especially after I left Shepherds Bush. I would go there, and get the chance to enjoy a relaxing night with Gabi. She'd cook, or I would, and we'd watch something on her iPad, or listen to Spotify.

There were lots of fun things on her walls, and more than a few pictures, or doodles, or objects relating to our relationship.

Now it's all packed away, and that part of my life (and Gabi's) is gone, forever.



I'm out of London, of course. I've been living in Manchester for the past 6 weeks or so now. I'm based there, in my job hunting mission.

If I'm being perfectly honest, a few years ago I couldn't wait to leave London behind and move back home. This was around the time my nephew Tyler was born. Now... I dunno. I think I prefer living there. However, the cost of living is ridiculous. Rent alone costs an absolute fortune!! I can't carry on paying that much money per month, can I?

Is it the best move? Hmm. Gabi thinks I'm naive, spending so much time looking for a job in the TV and Film industry. Maybe she's right, but I have to give it a go. Manchester, at least, is cheaper. I'm currently living back at home so I'm not spending an awful lot - so can afford to live like this for a little while longer yet. But it's slowly driving me insane not having a job; and I'm getting bored with the day to day routine of things at the minute.


She's out of London, soon. Still a day to go, and then she's off to Southend-On-Sea. She's decided to pack in her Ealing room, and move to the Essex seaside.

Her fantasy is to live by the sea. Maybe it's because she's Hungarian - so comes from a country that has absolutely no sea surrounding it whatsoever. She's had enough of London; how busy it is, and the horrible commute into Central every morning (I can't blame her. I've made the Piccadilly line journey with her, and its unbearable)

Is it the best move? Hmm. I think she might be a little naive herself. She's moving somewhere that she knows nobody, and after August is over, will virtually shut down for months on end as the tourist season wanes. Then there's the nature of Southend. From what I hear, it's very Essex. Which... is not Gabi. (Though I myself don't make any presumptions about Essex folk. No sirree)


We're apart, but somehow not.

We're still messaging each other, and seeing one another in person was nice.

Maybe the distance this time really will spell the end... or maybe, a new beginning.


Back to Manchester tomorrow.
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