Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Why Bother?

I think my mind has just now decided, whatever feelings I had for Gabi are gone.

She's moving to the seaside this weekend. Before then, all my old stuff from Shepherds Bush has to get moved from storage at her's, to my friend's elsewhere in London.

It's a stressful move, and one that has lead me and Gabi to communicate more than we have been doing of late.

A few posts ago, I wrote about how our communication confuses me. It also damn right angers me at times, too.

Take last night - Gabi was calling me naive for chasing my dreams! The general feeling I got (although she never said it herself) was I should give up trying to break the TV and Film industry, because there's too many writers out there, and she probably doesn't think I'm good enough. (I'm just wildly guessing that last bit, there)

Today, she just cut me off rudely when I was messaging her and trying to explain something. Well, I've had enough! Her behaviour has got to me.

Girls always do this. Act in a certain way so you know, the break up sticks. Of course it does! Women act this way all the time - not knowing that the man already understands the point anyway.  No need to treat him like an idiot and keep emphasising it!!

There's an air of me not being g bothered now. Gabi will act the way she does anyway. At least - as proven - if I keep my distance and don't message she eventually misses me. The current messaging just leaves her shaking her head, not bothered by my replies - and me angry at her's!

Oh, young love. Nuclear. And now, with fallout.
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