Wednesday, 12 August 2015

August 11th, 2015

Or "On the Eve of 500..."

I've created this:

It's to help me, in my writing and job hunting. I read online that for a writer a CV is meaningless if somebody reads it, asks for examples of work... and there's none to give. Now I know I already have a good twenty or so shorts written and in the bank - but we're talking professional standard and ready drafts here.

I count a few shorts as industry level good already - chiefly Fellow and Out. I also think "I Am A Vampire!" stands out - and the film was beautifully directed by Gabi I thought.

The board gives me some focus. It's already got me thinking about various (far-off) projects and how they'd come together.

I have an exciting opening to Body In A Suitcase in my head, that's very modern... and funny.

I want to write a feature for a children/family audience. I think I have a theme; just in search of the drama now.

Will start work on the first project - Eight Months Last Tuesday - tomorrow.



I haven't started the sound editing yet. It was Tyler's birthday yesterday, so I've had a couple of days with the family celebrating that.


I re watched Wall*e tonight. A beautiful film. As the above board reveals, I'd love to work for Pixar one day. It's one of my dream jobs.
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