Thursday, 13 August 2015

August 12th, 2015

I'll follow up with some production updates later on in this post. To begin with though, I want to discuss the stars.

Tonight Comet Swift-Tuttle continues its flyby past Earth. The news stated that due to weather conditions, tonight was probably the best opportunity to see some shooting stars in the sky. So, I sat outside at 11:30pm, star gazing.

First of all... wow! My glasses really make a spectacular different. The number of stars I could see in the sky pretty much doubled with the glasses on; and they all looked beautiful. I haven't seen stars in quite this way since childhood. It was amazing.

As I sat there looking up, and no stars at all passed by, my mind started to drift onto other things. Primarily, job hunting. I have so many doubts, as I don't seem to be getting anywhere with my search. It's frustrating, and emotional. I started to ask myself is it worth it, and would I actually get anywhere with this search.

This next bit sounds a little ridiculous... Still looking up, I told myself if I see anything in the next 10 seconds it's a sign that things will be ok, and I'll get that job i'm looking for. You know what happened? A frickin' giant star flew passed as I reached 7 on my mental count!!

Ha! A coincidence probably, or maybe a sign! Whatever, message to self: don't give up just yet.

That Resolute Desk: Six of One...

I've made my mind up. I'm not going to continue the project in its current form. I don't think that'd be in the best interests of the story (without Gabi around to wrap up Vicky's story).

Instead, I'm going to take extracts from the videos already shot and mix them in with a fresh montage that I'll shoot soon. It will be the protagonist Jarvis O'Hard looking back at his relationship and commenting on it.

This way, at least there's some resolution to the story (as I can have Jarvis/Vicky split up) and it over comes a few fears I had about the project. Specifically that my writing and acting weren't up to scratch. This disguises those flaws - well, as long as the montage section is well conceived! I can also mix up specific shots or moments that I thought did work, and keep them in the new film.

So Six of One is done. No more monthly filming. The experimental I set out with in January didn't work... but that's ok. Instead, a new film is born from its ashes. Maybe a stronger one, and one that's less 'raw'.

No idea what I'll call this new film - but it'll be no more than 5 mins long, and will fit in with the other Resolute Desks better than it had before. I think, if all goes well, this could be another piece to add into my portfolio of work.

Exciting! Watch this space!!
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