Thursday, 13 August 2015

August 13th, 2015

Today's been another one of those subtle days, where life shifts and begins to alter around me. Only later will I look back, and see what it set into motion.

Eight Months Last Tuesday

Ok, this is going to get complicated. So to begin with, in simple terms: the first 3 pages are written.

Slightly more complicated: They're not a script, per se. Rather, doodles on a page.

Ok - full throttle complicated: Knowing that Tiziana is going to draw this, I couldn't approach it in quite the same way as my other graphic novels (Assassin/Darkened Avenue) where I just write anything down, and don't have to worry about the artist consquences. I think it's one of the reasons why I just couldn't break into this idea until now. To compensate, I brought a notebook of blank paper, and decided to 'create' each page myself. It lets me see how the panels will work on the page, and be disciplined in my approach - as a page end means it's time for the element of the story being told to wrap up, too.

I'm going to write at least 3 pages a day. At this rate, the comic would be done by mid-September.

Untitled Radio Play

I've decided I'm going to try my hand at creating a 45 minute radio play, and then entering it into a writing competition (deadline, mid-September). The prize doesn't matter - but to be frank, I need the exposure!

So, what's the idea I've got in mind? I'm digging up a story I've had resting in my head for years - about the rise and fall of a politician. It's a farce, and another one of those concepts I think grabs attention when said out loud.

Today I plotted the first half of the story, and was able to identify specific scenes and dialogue I want included within. We'll see how it goes, and where the idea takes me.


I think I need to learn to drive, to allow me more opportunities when job hunting (things like runners positions). To do that, I need money... which then means... I need a part time job.
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