Monday, 31 August 2015

August 30th, 2015

Being back in Manchester again, I can feel those usual feelings creeping back in... boredom at being trapped in one small house, at not having a job, or a direction. However, this time I'm determined to shake it off, and not let myself reach that same level of depression.

So... I travelled into town, and bought some gear...

When I returned home, I walked to the local park, iPod in my pocket - a combination of a-ha/ABBA and Elbow songs playing - and I started to run.

Kathryn suggested I do it when I visited her last week, and Gabi used to do regularly too. My belly is increasing in size (seriously... how'd I put half a stone in weight on in just 2 weeks?!) and I could do with those extra endorphins pumping though my body.

Feeling happier...

It was time to return to production!

That Resolute Desk: Seven-Thirty

This feels like the project that will just never end.

I spent the last few hours of today trying to fix the sound. When me and Gabi shot this last October, we went onto the London Underground and filmed there. As you can imagine, for an amateur film, the sound is messy and unclean. Today was about taking the existing sound out, and putting in a suitable replacement - which is trickier than you might imagine, as I couldn't locate the sounds of a London tube carriage door opening!

That's been found now, and the sequence looks good. I'm packing it in for the night now - but I'll go to bed happy, as I only have a very small section left to edit tomorrow. After that, fingers crossed, the project will be concluded at long, long last!

That Resolute Desk: Six Of One...

(Or whatever the damn thing is called now)

My brain is turning its attention back onto this. I cut my hair quite short a few weeks ago. Once it's grown back to its regular length (which may not be until mid-October!) I'm going to film the body of this film, around which the footage me and Gabi shot in January through to May will sit.

Tomorrow, I'll try and write the bit to camera I'll need to act out.

 It'll be a bit sad, actually, bringing this particular project to a close.
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