Monday, 10 August 2015

August 9th, 2015

That Resolute Desk: Six of One...

Hmm. I'm still trying to decide what exactly to do with this project. I know I listed some possible solutions the other day, but since then I've had a bust-up with Gabi. See, she's my ex-girlfriend now so already I don't have the same liberties that I once did. Add in the fact that we've now fallen out completely, it makes it very, very unlikely that I could convince her to record any more scenes for this film.

I'm half tempted to scrap it completely. I know that if I do that though, I'll look back on it in years to come - when I look older, and can't possibly convincingly return to the part - and wish I have recorded a conclusion. I showed what is already shot to Mum to see what she thinks. I did it as I don't have faith in the footage - but I'm worried that it's just me. Mum thinks there is some worth in the project, and says I should carry on with it **but only if it doesn't hurt too much making something that Gabi is involved with**.

Right now, here's the options as I see them:

1) I abandon the project, and create a new That Resolute Desk story for this year.

2) I pick and choose some of the already-shot scenes, and assemble a short film from it. This might work, as I have a beginning and end to the story. However, it does lack any third act. I would have to record new scenes - and it might be difficult ending the story without Gabi involved in some way.

3) I catch-up on recording, as described in a previous post, and then carry on the film through to the end of the year. I can ask Gabi to appear. If she says no, then I just write around her absence.

4) Like point 3, but if Gabi refuses to reprise her part, I ask a friend to 'draw her in' (i.e. I use storyboards for any bits with Gabi). This would be very jarring, and the film would never truly be completed; but at least I could tell the story I originally set out to make, unlike any of the other options where at the very least I compromise on elements of the original story.

5) I record one last video for June, and then film a new intro sequence. This gives 6 videos, plus captions at the end that could further wrap things up. There's certain sequences that would still require Gabi to record ADR, or otherwise I succumb to adding subtitles. This is the most likely option right now - as it means I'm not lingering on the project, and can move on from it pretty speedily.

Yeah... as I write this, things are becoming clearer.

Option 5 seems best.

I'll sleep on it, and make my final decision tomorrow.
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