Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Happy 500th!

We've reached a big milestone for the blog - its 500th post. Over the past few weeks, I've been trying to decide how best to celebrate (if at all). It hit me last night, when writing about all of the projects I want to complete as part of my portfolio of work:

This is just as significant a part of my writing as anything else.

I sometimes overlook this old blog, or disregard it as a hack's late night writing and rambles. I shouldn't. I think it's more than that. When I first started dating Gabi, she locked in on this site and read as much of it as she could do in one go, as she felt it captured something about me she couldn't put into words. I think that's what good writing is all about; it's a part of the writer's soul. In that case, here is mine - laid bare since 2006, for all to see.

Here is my personal 'Top 20' posts - those pieces of writing that I think capture me the best, or are daring and strive to capture something new.


17th January 2006 - "Prepare to be Prepared"
The One Where... Anthony writes his first production notes.

27th March 2007 - "Shakespeare's Dead..."
The One Where... Anthony gives up his dreams of acting, to fully concentrate on writing.

19th April 2007 - "Life With Chameleons"
The One Where... Anthony gives a commentary to his college magazine article.

9th June 2007 - "Katie - A Stream of Conscious Thought"
The One Where... Anthony writes about his first love.

7th September 2007 - "Writer's Block"
The One Where... Anthony suffers from... well, go figure.

8th December 2007/18th February 2014 - "Versions of Me" & "2014 Update"
The One Where... Anthony describes the many versions of himself.

11th August 2008 - "Coldplay Saved Me"
The One Where... Anthony has a moment of zen.

23rd September 2008 - "The Maybe Train"
The One Where... Anthony tells the story of a girl on a train.

27th September 2009 - "Join Up the Dots"
The One Where... Nobody can understand what Anthony is saying!

19th September 2010 - "A Picture of You"
The One Where... Anthony describes the change he spots in a photo.

3rd April 2011 - "London Calling"
The One Where... Anthony describes moving to London.

19th August 2012 - "1/2"
The One Where... Anthony revisits past opinions, in his 300th blog post.

11th September 2012 - "Possibility of Downs"
The One Where... Anthony faces the possibility his nephew will be born with Downs Syndrome.

3rd December 2013 - "12 Words"
The One Where... Anthony mourns a relationship.

20th February 2014 - "Time Crash!"
The One Where... Anthony from 2014 travels back in time, to talk to his 2007 self.

17th May 2014 - "400 Blows"
The One Where... Anthony has a tantrum, and threatens to quit blogging!

15th June 2014 - "(Some) Mistakes I've Made"
The One Where... Anthony details his regrets.

4th June 2015 - "Goodbye Cinema"
The One Where... Anthony leaves his job at the cinema.

9th August 2015 - "A Picture of Me"
The One Where... Anthony displays a picture of himself, through every year of his life.

And there we have it: Me.


When I started this blogging journey, I was weeks away from turning 17 years old. I was still at college, and dating a girl called Katie. Back then, I really didn't have much writing experience beyond those short prose stories I wrote in my room.

Now, I'm fast approaching 27. I've seen through 4 major relationships. I was employed at a well known cinema chain for 8 years, before escaping at the start of summer to (finally!) pursue my dreams of working in the TV industry.
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