Monday, 31 August 2015

That Resolute Desk: Seven-Thirty [Short Film - 2014]

This one has a bit of a protracted history. It was shot in October and November 2014, at around the same time Gabi was off producing the ace "I Am A Vampire!" and I was making Ushers.

Gabi (as director) had edited together the scenes of her character, Vicky, inside the office. She'd also chosen which takes involving my character Jarvis she wanted included. What wasn't done, however, is the editing for the scenes of Vicky on the London Underground. Oh, and somewhere along the lines we'd managed to lose one edited sequence (Vicky leaving the office)

In Gabi's absence, I've completed the edits of the missing sequences, and then done one final sound clean-up.


This was intended to be online by late 2014. It's a sequel to 2012's That Resolute Desk, and the 2013 scene That Resolute Desk: Seas Will Rise.

Here we are then, almost 12 months on from production and finally ready to go:

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