Friday, 7 August 2015

The Job Hunt II

Oh, I've been terrible. Really, really. See, I've hardly spent any time whatsoever looking through recruitment sites, attempting to find that mythical new job of mine. Instead, I've let anything distract me (yes, again) and so I haven't advanced one bit. No interviews, nada.


I've got today as my saving grace. Yep, today I forced myself down in front of my laptop and I trawled through too many websites, looking for that elusive role for me. In the end, I've ended up applying for three things:

Copy writer at a children's book firm. Of the three applications I've put in, this is probably the one that's least beneficial to my ambitions for writing for TV. However, there's something noble about writing for children, in whatever medium. Plus, I don't think it would hurt my future chances to have anything writing related on my CV. We'll see.

Next up...

NBC Universal, as  Production Assistant. Ooh! I like Universal, I really do. Plus I have a friend (Danny) who works there already, in the Marketing department. This would be a good foot in the door - but it's only an intern, so will be quite lowly paid. Plus, I'd be a very small cog in a very big wheel. I don't know what I would learn - but it would sure as hell open a few doors for me.

Finally, the most exciting...

Assistant Script Editor at Red Productions. Yep, Red!! I love them - they've made some of the best dramas I've seen on television, and they are based in Manchester! Ooh, this opportunity would be to die for. I wouldn't care about the pay - being in Manchester would make things a lot easier. Plus, money doesn't mean all that much to me. However, the experience of working with some of the best drama producers in the country does!! It's a high up position, but I gave the application my all. I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best.


I've decided, if I don't have something by the end of this month, I'm going to apply for a part time job somewhere. Not for the money - but just to get me out of the house, doing something.

Also, I've started to look for opportunities in theatre. They love a good writer, there!
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