Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Job Hunt III

Or my continuing mission to explore strange new job frontiers.

Look... I still haven't got very far, OK? I wish I could say I'm doing my best - but the effort is still half arsed and not really good enough.

I've so far got 2 open vacancies for industry roles (NBC Universal, as an intern/Red Productions as an Assistant Script Editor) and another none industry role, for Tesco. This latter application isn't a career move - but by working there I can afford driving lessons, and once I pass the all important driving exam I can then apply for runners roles.

When I visited London this week, I spoke to my former General Manager back at the West End cinema. I asked if I could work the Raindance Film Festival again - but this time, officially employed by Raindance themselves. Of course my old boss needs to speak to the Raindance team and get their opinion on the matter - but to sweeten the deal I said I would work it for free.

Why? Well, the festival is a great independent film hub. It gives me the opportunity to network with industry professionals - which is exactly what I'm not doing being stuck at home, applying for jobs online. I could meet somebody, and wrestle my way into their affections... and thus, secure a job. Stranger things have happened. As it stands, this is probably my most realistic means of breaking into the industry.

Finally, I found a role on Network DVD. It's a part time one, that's basically stock management. I can do that! Did it for years with the cinema. Sure, it's not an actual creative role in the industry - but it's a step closer to one, and a good stepping stone (I think) between cinema and creative. Plus, as it's part time it leaves plenty of free time to write and make my own things.

Another update soon - this time with actual news. I hope!
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