Monday, 7 September 2015

A Jack About Town

After three years away, my friend Jack is back from his Indonesian adventure. We met up for the first time today, and it was opportunity for a catch-up, a reminisce and a partial look ahead to the future.

Like me, Jack's been away from Manchester for a while. He's coming back to a city that's changed. Bizarrely (as I was in the same boat as him just 3 months ago) I was his tour guide around the city centre today - showing him these changes. First of all, we visited the old Cornerhouse cinema. Jack frequented it back in his teens. Now the building is closed and (if you mind the pun) rehoused half a mile down the road, in the Home building. Jack was very sad seeing this particular change.

We sat in Home and discussed everything else different. Then we had a lengthy conversation about film and film makers (everybody from Tarrantino to Orson Welles); it's become a hallmark of our friendship. I doubt we'll ever stop having those geeky talks.

The most important bit of the day came, however, when looking ahead to the future. Me and Jack are, again, in a similar position. Both of us want to go out into the world and achieve something. For Jack, that means escaping Manchester as he feels the place is too small for him. I'm less extreme in my views of the city, but I too accept that my fate is probably beyond the city boundaries too. We've agreed to meet up again next week, and job hunt together. It can't hurt. It's not like I'm getting anywhere on my own doing it, so maybe it will help putting our resources together, and seeing what we can come up with!!


Sorry for the lack of updates of late. I really haven't done anything production worthy, and as that's the direction this blog has headed down... it means I've nothing to report.

I will add, though:

I'm currently watching the second seasons of Game of Thrones and Friends now (having completed the firsts last week)

Oh, and my diet and combined exercise routine is working. I've lost half a stone in weight (which is about 3 kilos-something). Still a long way to go, but my belly is looking a lot flatter already!
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