Thursday, 17 September 2015

Back to London (Again)

It's been confirmed that I'm working the Raindance Film Festival again this year. Unlike in previous years, I won't be working the Vue side of things, but will join the Raindance team itself. That's terribly exciting - and I'm thankful to those people at both Vue and Raindance who trust me enough to let me fill the role.

Of course, it means I'm going back to London. Truth be told, I wanted to anyway. I love Manchester to pieces, but it does feel like I've got unfinished business in London. I can't quite put my finger on what; but it just feels like I still have lots to do in the city. OK, Raindance Film Festival is only 2 weeks long - but I hope to be back, permanently, not long after it's over.

My friend Jack wants to move to the capital too. We're in the early planning stages of plotting to move their together, and flat share. That would be different for me. I'm use to living alone - so it might bring a more social side of my personality out, if I live with a friend. I want that to happen.

But it all hinges on me getting a job... *any* job. I might have to put my career hunt on hold for a while, and just concentrate on an alternate work path. After all, to move to London I'll need money - and can't afford to be as picky as I am right now!

So there we have it. Fingers crossed I'll be back in London, full time, by the time (say) November rolls around.
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