Monday, 28 September 2015

Raindance 2015 - Day Four

Right now I'm about as exhausted as I've ever been - and there's still a week of this festival to go!

Highlights from today:

Talking to one volunteer (her name escapes my very tired mind, sorry!) about children's TV we remember watching from when we were little.

The Web Fest awards! Afterwards we had complaints from other screens that they could hear the celebrations taking place at the Vue bar.

Meeting Alex Macqueen from The Inbetween er,  but also the Master to Paul McGann's Doctor!

Me buying Pop Tarts for everybody to try (nobody had eaten them before!)

My old colleague Alberto was at site, covering things from Vue's end. James (who I'm staying with) popped by, too.

I didn't really test that much new footage today, but I saw two shorts that I thought were great. I'll remember the it names ahead of tomorrow's post, and include them in that.


(Lots of small technical faults, which we won't go into here!!)
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