Thursday, 24 September 2015

Raindance 2015 - Day One

If you don't know already, I'm working Raindance again this year, in my usual role of screen manager.

Today was day one. Except, not really. I helped out yesterday, ahead of the opening gala. That was mostly set dressing the cinema. Today was the nitty gritty of a full on film festival.

Some highlights:

Being reunited with this guy - my friend Jerone:

We screened a full-on erotica, by Erika Lush. This involved a VERY lively screen introduction by the lady herself, and a subsequent Q&A session.

Meetings Suggs from the band Madness, and realising he's a mad piss head (in the best way possible)

Being told my name badge will be labelled Anthony Garnon (as that's my email name). I love it!

Familiar faces saying they think I look good and have lost weight!

Other things:

My shoulder is killing me. I think it's a combination of sleeping in my friend James' sofa, and pushing open the heavy doors of Vue Piccadilly frequently.

My diet is still going well! Usually for me during the festival, I ate healthy. Normally it's £3 Tesco meal deals, coffees and cokes. Today I ate chicken soup, and a plain jacket potato. Hopefully my weight loss (currently at just over a stone/7 kilos) continues!

Off to Wembley now. It all begins again tomorrow at 10:30 am...
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