Sunday, 27 September 2015

Raindance 2015 - Day Three

I'm writing this sat at Stonebridge Park, where I'm awaiting the last tube home. Has been another fun/busy/tiring day (but worth it).

The Vue management didn't get too angry about last night's oversubscribed screen.

Highlights from today:

I saw a funny British short called Not Sophie's Choice (starring Catherine Tate).

I also watched an American piece called Bubbles, that I thought was wonderful; capturing youth well.

We had sake tasting, in honour of The Birth of Sake. It's a truly beautiful insight into Japanese culture, as well as a captivating documentary in its own right. If you have the opportunity to view it you should!

One of my volunteers cooked sone cookies for everybody to share. Look how cute they are! (I didn't eat one mind, owing to my current healthy eating diet)

Me and Jerone sat outside the cinema, in the heart of Piccadilly, eating a Kiwi fruit and easy peel orange at 9pm. We were definitely a peculiar site for anybody passing by!

I had a decent length conversation with festival founder Elliot Grove about my attempts to break into the industry. After which...

Raindance offered me work after the festival!

I have a crush on an impossibly long list of people working the festival. Seriously, any corner I turn I seem to find somebody to lust over. But I'm professional! Work to do now. Can always flirt later.

And that's... day three summed up!
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