Saturday, 26 September 2015

Raindance 2015 - Day Two

And we're off again. I think this sums up the day:

Yep, the tiredness is already setting in. Partly because I'm working longer hours this year, but I'm also on my healthy eating diet - so I'm not surviving off sugary (but energetic) junk food.

Today's highlights:

Meeting Japanese director Shinya Tsukamato. A true gentleman.

Watching My Hero fill to over capacity. Cast and crew forced to watch sat on the steps! No doubt I'll get my knuckles wrapped tomorrow for letting that happen. Not much I could do, mind, considering the circumstances.

I saw the short The Scarecrow. Simple, but very touching.

I reunited with some Raindance regular punters - including Paul Craig, who's been attending these things longer than me.

Some of the Raindance volunteers brown nosing me, thinking my position in the organisation is a lot higher up the food chain than it really is. (On that note, I'm seeing more than ever how the politics of the film industry work)

I've tested a tonne of contents. Lots of shorts especially! I become numb to that after a while.

Rice for lunch, cheese and broccoli soup for dinner.

Best bit, though! Getting a voice mail asking to set up a job interview next week (for a none industry role, mind) Still, result!

Bed now. Day three looms...
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