Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Raindance 2015 - Day Whatever (+1)

Here we go again.

We're well into the thick of things now. I think I've reached a point of absolute exhaustion - meaning I probably can't get more exhausted than this. But it's all fun!

I've been properly networking today; talking to film makers and industry professionals. Maybe it'll pay off at the end, and produce something substantial for me. Who knows.

I met Japanese director Akira Osaki, who was just the sweetest guy, at the festival premiering his film The Obon Brothers. Despite being the talent, Akira asked ME for a picture! His team also gave me plenty of chocolate snaps.

I tested Paul Bettany's feature, Shelter. It looks great.

Aside from a few short films breaking down, it was business as usual today. Sorry I don't have anything further to add. But believe me, I'm having a blast!
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