Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Raindance 2015 - Day Whatever

Before I go on, as promised I'd discovered the names of yesterday's mystery shorts. Well, one of them. I loved Good Wolf, Beautiful Witch.


Anyhoo. Today. What day are we up to again?!

The day's highs were high indeed, but the lows were pretty far down too.

Yesterday I sat down with Raindance's chief programmer to sort out a few (apparent) errors in the short film programmes. In doing so, I might just have caused Raindance civil war; with me caught in the middle.

After a bit of a telling off, and being as tired as I am, I questioned why I was bothering for, ooh, about half an hour. Then I remembered how fun the festival is, and threw myself back into the work again.

Today's highlights:

Sitting down with Amy, and discussing her career thus far. An informative look into the life of a runner. For the first time, that lifestyle seemed within reach for me.

Messing around with Jerone in general. We're going that bonkers now (being so tired) we find pretty much anything laugh out loud hilarious.

Screen testing tomorrow's animated short film programme. There's a lot of greats mixed in there. Was a privilege seeing that talent on display.

Strangely we had a bit of a Manchester evening - a few volunteers had either studied or lived there. That got us all talking - especially when a documentary about Manchester artist David Vaughan (Sadie Frost's father) called Black on Convas was played!

Me being naughty by telling lots of my favourite stories.

Jerone watched Self (and a bit of Fellow) and was impressed with my storytelling.
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