Tuesday, 1 September 2015

September 1st, 2015

Here we are then, the last third of the year. It's my Mum's birthday and so the focus has been on celebrating her. However I've still found some time to sneak away and 'do my thing'...

That Resolute Desk: Six of One...

This will be the last time I refer to the project as such. I've made a definite decision on the fate of this film:

I'm going to Cardiff next week, and staying in a hotel. Whilst there I'll utilise the city, by filming a new sequence where Jarvis talks to camera about leaving London behind. I'll intercut it with brief snippets of the existing footage me and Gabi created earlier this year.

As for the rest of that footage, I will create a video for that. To do so I will clean up the audio, and in some cases put subtitles up on screen. What I won't do though is record anything new for it. Neither will I post it publicly. No - this film will stay private for me, and Gabi if she wants to watch it. She felt it was too personal, and she's right. I'm not comfortable putting it 'out there' for all to see (besides, it's an incomplete narrative - so it's basically five odd scenes assembled together)

I've started writing the script for the new, Cardiff scenes today. No names for the projects. I'll come up with something tomorrow.

Eight Months Last Tuesday

I wrote a new page of script today, but then got carried away tidying up my room.

Despite that, I think I've got the tone of the thing in my head now and should be able to bulldoze through the rest of the project.


Currently re-watching: Friends  (Season 1) and Game of Thrones (Season 1).
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