Wednesday, 2 September 2015

September 2nd, 2015

It feels like I've got a good, solid routine going for myself. I'm waking up and eating breakfast. Then I'm going on a 20 minute run every morning, followed by lunch. Usually around this time I spend some time with the family, before disappearing to my room for 3 hours of the afternoon to job hunt*. As I'm doing so, I stick the Friends DVDs in and watch them too. After that, I look online for a bit, before dinner. Afterwards I'm doing some creative writing, watching TV and then it's onwards to 2 episodes of Game of Thrones. Finally I blog, then bed.

(*I despise job hunting though. A truly horrible experience)

Today's creative efforts:

That Resolute Desk: Some Moments of Us

I.E. The originally shot footage from Six of One, re-purposed. I've been watching this back tonight in two minds. I either keep everything, and have it stay 'as is' - or! I edit out the bits I don't like (pretty much anything to do with me talking to camera) and the bits that tied in with the planned Six of One narrative, but no longer make sense (Jarvis secretly filming Vicky).

I'm really not sure what option is best. I suppose it makes sense to keep everything as I intended (albeit without the final 7 segments). Then again, if I have the chance to make a decent standalone film, through deleting some bits, shouldn't I do that?

Either way, this film won't be made public.

That Resolute Desk: Sometimes, Somewhere

This is the new stuff, that I'll film in Cardiff next week, and which might incorporate some of the original Six of One shots as quick flashbacks.

I have the opening scene written now, and I think it's very That Resolute Desk. It will also showcase some of Cardiff's lovely scenery, which will be nice.

I'll finish it off tomorrow.
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