Friday, 25 September 2015

Summer of What?

It just hit me, walking to work, that it's almost October and so summer is over.

If I rewind back to its start on June 22nd, it feels like an incredible amount has changed. I don't quite know how to define this period in my life.

The best answer is it's the time I spent making Fellow. I had an awful lot of fun putting it together, at home in Manchester. I'll remember the experience for years to come; not least when re watching the final product.

More personally, there's my break-up. That hit me hard, in July. It still feels like I'm dealing with the repercussions today - because, by god, I loved her. Maybe this is the summer of my broken heart then? I say that, but I'm very good at burying things and so truth be told, I was able to NOT think about it for huge swathes of time.

The most realistic answer, perhaps, is this was my summer of unemployment. I think it'll be hard to forget these feelings of absolute hopelessness, and panic that a new job hasn't been found.

Of course, it's also the summer where I was able to spend quality time back in Manchester, with my ever expanding family. Maybe those positive memories of playing with nieces and nephews will stick the most?

I've no idea. But it's certainly been a varied season for me.

Onwards we March, into Autumn.
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