Sunday, 20 September 2015

The good days are gone?

Before I carry on, this isn't a moan. I want to use it as a reminder, to myself.

See, I spend so much of my time looking back and reflecting on what's gone before. Sometimes I dwell, and obsess. Certain posts on this blog are very much proof of that! But do you know what I'm starting to realise? It doesn't matter, none of it.

It's easy to think that how things were before was ideal. Mostly it wasn't. 5 years ago, I still had worries and I still thought something was lacking. No doubt 5 years from now I still will have worries and that feeling of wanting more. They'll be different concerns, yeah, but concerns all the same.

I suppose all I'm saying is yesterday is no better or worse than today, or tomorrow. Each day stands on its own and it's what you make of it whilst you can that matters.

The good days aren't gone. I'm healthy and reasonably happy. Therefore, I'm still living them, and that's OK.
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