Sunday, 11 October 2015

I got the job!

I interviewed for Forbidden Planet a week ago now. I wasn't nervous beforehand, as I knew I was experienced enough for the role, and I already have a friend (Crissie) working there. However on the day of the interview the underground ran late... and I arrived for my interview just shy of 20 minutes after the scheduled start time...

Luckily the managers liked me, and they called today to say I got the job, and start mid-November.

It's at there Shaftesbury Avenue site, so I'm definitely moving back to London - and will prepare that move once London Film Festival is up.


Not much to discuss from the festival today. I met Dexter Fletcher, and met the director of a documentary called Gayby Baby.

Talking to the LFF venue co-ordinator Svetlana, it's funny how well we get along. One of our conversations made me realise something sad though: I feel lonely at this exactly point in my life. I wish there was somebody to share it all with.


Here's a really lovely and friendly cat that I met walking home... and who then followed me several streets.

It had a very cute "purr"!
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