Tuesday, 13 October 2015

It's Quite Simple...

Before I start, if you're an ex of mine - stop reading this right away. In fact, stop coming to this blog.

You don't want me in your life = I don't want you following me!


A quick recap of the last day or so:

Me and G have been messaging.



I mis-read the signs.

She's dating again.

It feels like a massive blow.

That should be me!

What's he got I haven't?

Why can't G be happy with me?

Will I find love again?

You know, I'm not really in the mood for it anymore.

Well, right now.

Women have messed me around too much!

Maybe I'll meet the right somebody.


Talking to Manuk helped. Keiichi too.

Actually... Phil Heslop (who I hardly know) was the best.

Feels like I vented a lot to them all!

Made me feel better.

Now blogging.

Tempted not to post this online, but hide it like so many other posts recently.

Tempted to hide all my posts for the foreseeable future.


I hit publish.
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