Tuesday, 6 October 2015

October 6th, 2015

Or "A New Chapter Begins"

Now that Raindance is over, I'm getting g ready to go back to Manchester. But it's different this time. I seem to have found a new direction, and happiness.

First of all I had a job interview. Now, it's only a staff position at Forbidden Planet, but the money from it means it's viable to return to living in London. It'll also be exciting to have something to go to every day. I've lacked a routine for so long now that it was starting to drive me a little crazy!

I don't approach it as a career. I'll continue job hunting for industry roles whilst I work there.

My friend Jack wants to move to London, and so there's a possibility that we'll find a place to rent together. Maybe even with a 3rd person? That'll be fun, and very different to how I lived in London previously; when I isolated myself in my bedsit, and worked the most anti-social hours imaginable. Now, I could very well come a little out of my shell, by living around others.

I was approached about another role. I won't mention what it is, in fear that it'll crumble if I even whisper a word about it. So, a secret it shall remain. All I'll say is, it could be a perfect entry into the film industry - I just have to make sure I don't fuck up my "application", and do it right. If I do - well, this would be a career job, and I might nor need Forbidden Planet.

Away from work/living arrangements, and I think I'm ready to date again. My last relationship ended three months ago, and I've gotten over it completely since. I think I'm out of that period, where my brain and heart combined don't want to attempt anything with anybody else. I'm back to wanting a 'significant other' in my life again, and I have an excitement about finding that person and learning all about them.

I hope this time they (whoever 'they' turns out to be) are a Doctor Who fan!

Last bit not least, Raindance got me longing to write and create again. Seeing so many of those short films made me think "Wow! I want to do something like that, too!" I had the same feeling last year - and it fuelled me on to create various shorts over the last 12 months. I wonder what I'll do because of this year's festival?


Well, there we have it. The foundations of the next 'version of me'. What's fun is just how much opportunity is open to me right now - not a sentence I'd have thought I'd habe been saying a couple of months ago.

Keep reading, and watch this new me take shape... and soar.
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