Saturday, 10 October 2015

October 9th, 2015

A few things to report today.

First of all, happy birthday to my Dad. He turns 52. Shamefully I didn't message him, as I got caught up with other things (see below). I'll try and wrong that right tomorrow. I did get him a present though: season 5 of The Walking Dead on DVD.

Today was my journey back to London. I only made it onto my 8am coach by the skin of my teeth. Potentially that's me leaving regular Manchester living behind! Normal service may resume shortly, if I move back to the capital.

Talking of which... it's London Film Festival!

I won't be proving regular updates like I did for Raindance, because here it feels like I'm a tiny clog in a very big wheel. Besides, I'm based at Islington Vue, so sidelined from most of the action. But it's still great to be part of the action, however slight my role.

(It does feel strange being back under contract with the cinema, I have to admit - even if it's only a 9 day engagement, and I'm in a completely different role)

Some updates about films (at last!):

Creep Forwards

I have the central concept for the idea in my head now. There's an app called Happn. I don't fully understand it, but it's a social dating 'thing' apparently. That's how my story begins - a girl logging in, and unleashing a beast in the machine.

Last Halloween Gabi made "I Am A Vampire!" and I want to keep that autumn horror tradition going. I'll aim to write over London Film Festival, and film towards the end of the month.

Not On Your Nelly!

Coincidentally the director I gave this to - Sacha Allari - is working the festival with me. However, he's caught up doing other projects.

The BFI venue co-ordinator likes the idea, and asked me to email it to her on the off chance she might make it herself. Which would be cool. We'll see where she gets with the concept.


My role at LFF runs next Sunday (the 18th?)


I messaged Gabi back about the postcard, but didn't hear anything from her. I guess that answers my question of if she wanted contact or not! Women, man, they're too confusing.
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