Thursday, 8 October 2015

Raindance 2015: Aftermath

Better late than never...

Here's a rundown of some films and shorts I saw during the festival. All impressed me greatly, and so I thought the film makers deserved a mention here.

Note though, this is just my individual view - and definitely not that of Raindance as a whole. Anything not listed I either didn't watch, or it wasn't to my tastes.

I might leave comments for some films, if I feel the need to say anything:

The Return (UK feature, Writer/Director - Oliver Nias)
A very popular release for the festival, and Nias was a very nice guy. He gave me some of his personal time, to discuss my career. The film itself looked good, and everybody involved demonstrates a lot of potential.

H Positive (UK short, Writers - Glenn Paton, Nick Walter, Director - Glenn Patron)
A beautifully shot, energetic piece. It looks like it's high budget (when it probably was made quite cheaply) and has an important message to tell.

Nazi Boots (Canada short, Writer - Debs Paterson, Director - Gail Harvey)

Fires on the Plain (Japan feature, Writer/Director - Shinya Tsukamoto)
Tsukamoto has a cult following, apparently. He's a complete gentleman, with a tight view of what does/doesn't look good in his films.

Not Sophie's Choice (UK short, Writer - Tom Cottle, Director - Gina Lyons)
Starring two performers I adore, Catherine Tate & Alex Macqueen, this quirky British comedy is funny with a twist you won't see coming.

Devil (Turkey short, Writer - Unknown, Director - Bahadir Arici)
Probably the most controversial thing I saw during the whole festival. It's hard to like this, but I appreciate its guts for doing what it does - which is to strip a veiled Muslim woman, and have her do very provocative things.

That's It (Japan feature, Writer - Kiyotaka Inagaki, Director - Gakuryu Ishii)
A very energetic, split screen opening, that's similar to Danny Boyle's style in Trainspotting.

Princess (Israel feature, Writer/Director - Tali Shalom Ezer)
I didn't see this, but the trailer I did see looked very, very impressive. Lots of people who did watch said it was an amazing character piece.

Le Dep (Canada feature, Writer/Director - Sonia Bonspille Boileau)

Shelter (USA feature, Writer/Director - Paul Bettany)
That shot of the man/woman falling from the side street into the pool of water... wow!

Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Artic (USA/Greenland/Switzerland feature, Writer - Francois Delisle, Director - Corina Gamma)
Stunning scenery, rarely captured on film.

Digital Dissidents (Germany/Norway documentary, Director - Cyril Tuschi)
An important look at the current climate of spy culture in western governments.

Gored (USA documentary, Director - Ido Mizrahy)
The story of bullfighter Antonio Barrera, told well by Mizrahy.

Absence (UK short, Writer - Rob Savage, Jed Shepherd, Director - Unknown)
Paul McGann gives an incredible performance.

Set the Thames on Fire (UK feature, Writer - Al Joshua, Director - Ben Charles Edwards)
The biggest compliment I can give this surreal comedy-drama is that its writer and director are bound for big things. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if either got a gig on Doctor Who.

The Answers (USA short, Writer/Director - Michael Goode)
This almost made me cry! I had a similar idea myself, but this does it so much better than I ever would have managed: after you die, you are given the answer to every question you have.

Wasp (UK/France, Writer/Director - Philippe Audi-Dor)
I didn't watch the film, but during the Q&A session afterwards Audi-Dor revealed himself to be a very charismatic showman. If he gets the breaks he deserves, he could become a great character in the UK film industry.

Emma, Change the Locks (UK short, Writer - Julia Hart, Director - Juliet Shardlow)
Well shot, and a great performance from Olivia Williams.

Cavanna, He Was Charlie (France documentary, Director - Denis Robert, Nina Robert)
An exploration of an aspect of Frence culture I wasn't all that familiar with. Nina Robert is absolutely stunning, too!

David Vaughan: Black on Canvas (UK documentary, Director - Dean Brocklehurst)

Good Wolf, Beautiful Witch (Spain short, Writer/Director - Ainara Porron)
It looks stunning, and has a great, ambiguous script. The music is lovely, too.

Driving with Selvi (Canada documentary, Director - Elisa Paloschi)

Hadwin's Judgement (UK/Canada documentary, Director - Sasha Snow)

Happy Purim (Israel documentary, Director - Ori Gruder)

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (USA documentary, Director - Matt D'Avella)

Michael (UK short, Writer/Director - Jonathan Kemp)

Shih (Spain/Mexico/Argentina documentary, Director - Bruno Zaffora, Rafael Ortega Velderrain)

The Birth of Sake (USA/Japan documentary, Director - Erik Shirai)
My favourite of the festival! A fantastic, cinematic look behind the scenes at the production of Japanese drink Sake)

Pink Grapefruit (USA short, Writer - Michael Mohan, Director - Greg Gilreath)

Circadian Rhythms (UK short, Writer/Director - Bailey Tom Bailey)

Ditches (Argentina/Mexico feature, Writer - Lautaro Gimenez, Francisco J. Paparella, Director - Francisco J. Paparella)
An interesting insight into a world I'm not use to seeing on screen, with some impressing cinematography.

The Cycle Starts and Stops With You (USA short, Writer/Director - Chris Buchal)
Quite creepy!

Pigs (Singapore/USA short, Writer/Director - Laura Mohai)
Oh, this was just beautiful - and another film that almost reduced me to tears.

Bubbles (USA short, Writer - Russell Yaffe, Talia Alberts, Director - Robert Gadol-Lavenstein)

Crocodile (Philippines feature, Writer/Director - Francis Xavier Pasion)
Illustrates the cruel, tragic world we live in.

Kid Kulafu (Philippines feature, Writer - Froilan Medina, Director - Paul Soriano)

Obon Brothers (Japan feature, Wrtier - Shin Adachi, Director - Akira Osaki)

Guys With Guns (USA short, Writer/Director - Joel Veach)

George Misses the Train (UK short, Writer/Director - Timothy Hancock)

Is It Your Refrigerator? (USA short, Writer/Director - David Codeglia)

The Scarecrow (USA short, Writer - Phillip William Brock, Director - Philip Rhys)

Needle Town (UK/Norway short, Writer - Henrik Hylland Uhlving, Kaspar Synnevag, Director - Kaspar Synnevag)

The Alchemist's Letter (UK short, Writer/Director - Carlos Andre Stevens)
This looks incredible, and is narrated by the one and only Sir John Hurt!

The Night The Moon Fell (USA short, Writer/Director - John Bashyam)


No doubt I've missed something off that list, and no doubt there's more than a few quality films I didn't get to see (and hence, are not listed here).
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