Saturday, 3 October 2015

Raindance 2015 - Day Before Last

It's less than a day to go for me now. I'm almost free! (But I'll miss the madness of this festival immensely)

The day started in a crazy, crazy way. Firstly the Bakerloo line was massively delayed, meaning I arrived just minutes before the first films went on screen at 10am.

At 10, within ten minutes all screens were on screen. It was a wee bit mental, but me and Jeroen managed it... just. It repeated itself for the 12pm walk in, and again we did just as well.

I took a trip to Picturehouse Central, for a look around the venue with somebody from the Raindance team. It's a great venue, and is housing it's own film festival this weekend actually.

Highlights from today's film programme include films I personally haven't seen but which others highly recommend:

Pink Grapefruit is a very funny short.

Cavanna, He Was Charlie looks like a fascinating documentary following French satire publication Charlie Habdo.

Pigs is a great short.

Hadwin's Judgement had a confusing trailer, but everybody who has seen it highly recommends it.


My friend Mark Aspey got married today. I wasn't invited, not that I could have gone with the festival, but I wish him and his new wife all the best.

Also: I haven't seen tonight's Doctor Who. Yet!
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