Saturday, 3 October 2015

Raindance 2015 - Day Delange

Me and Jeroen worked together on last year's festival. Then, he made one screen introduction (they're normally tackled by a general volunteer). I kept saying I'd do one too... but in the end, I bottled it.

Today, I finally paid my dues. I introduced two films - Ditches, and Meet Persuit Delange. I think both went OK if I do say so myself!

Some other highlights:

Meeting Simon Boswells,  screen composer. He was at the venue for a "In Conversation with..." evening.

Watching short film Share. What a fantastic piece of work! It's the story of a young woman who is violated when she's unconscious, and the act is filmed. It's then distributed amongst her peers. There's great acting, effective writing and direction to kill for.

(I keep forgetting great content I've seen. I'll try and include all in a special post once the festival is over)

I introduced one of my best Vue staff members, Matthew, to the Head of Short Film Programming. The two hit it off. I suggested that Jamie hire Matthew - as the guy's knowledge of films and venues is second to none.

From a projection point of view - during the night's final Q&A the projector shutdown, turning all mics off immediately. Oops.


My interview went well. I'll try and write about it properly soon.
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