Thursday, 1 October 2015

Raindance 2015 - Day Du Paris

Today's big screening was the Sadie Frost production Set Fire to the Thames. It stars Noel Fielding, who is every bit as crazy as you'd expect!

Beforehand I had a lengthy conversation with Oliver Nias, director of feature film The Return. We spoke about his career, and he offered some advice on mine. I've had a few conversations just like this with a handful of film makers. They're an eye opener, and leave me more detirmined to 'make it' then ever before.

With regards to content, Happy Purim looked to be very good. It's a documentary about Orthodox Jews celebrating their Purim holiday. Also, An Open Story (another documentary) which tells the story of the young actors in Hollywood, and how they survive living within that industry beast.

After the night was oveør, unusually, I went to an after show party at Cafe Du Paris. But why not - it's day seven, I needed to let my hair down a little!

(I only had two beers - that's more than enough for me! In fact,  that's probably my entire quota for the entire festival!!)

Only four days left, then it's back to reality. A shame, I wish this could last a little longer. I'm happy right now.
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