Friday, 2 October 2015

Raindance 2015 - Day Something or Other

With the weekend approaching fast, it really does feel like we're into the last stretch of the festival now. To repeat last night's sentiments, I'll be sad when it's all over - but I hope, and think, I've made a lot of good connections, and I'll keep in touch with the team here.

I'm working with somebody called Jeroen Pool. He's the other screen manager, and has been photographed in a number of my other Raindance reports. I'm very friendly with him, because we get along great. We have a lot in common - especially our sense of humour! Tonight I was lucky enough to see Jeroen's short film, The Cut, on the big screen.

Although not officially selected by the festival's programming team, the guys in projection very kindly allowed Jeroen to inject his film into the projectors - and after the last film exited... we played it on the big screen.

It looked very, very good and I'm proud of Jeroen. He's spent the last few days watching some of my shorts. He really liked the shots in "I Am A Vampire!" - but I had to explain that it wasn't directed by me! We also watched Ushers. He seemed to find it funnier than most!

Other highlights:

Akira was still around tonight. He's a very, very happy (and sweet) man! Again, he wore his komodo to the screening of his film The Oban Brothers. I asked his translator to tell him that if he had any jobs going for an English speaker in Japan he should let me know!!

The short film Pigs (by Laura Mohai) is amazing. It almost made me want to cry.

Le Dep looks like a great little Quebec piece. Its director, Sonia Bobspille Boileau, was at the cinema screening and looked stunning.

I met actor Peter Bowles as part of the film Meet Pursuit Delange.

We ate pizza, from the newly refurbished Piccadilly Pizza Hut!


There really wasn't all that much to do today, as the festival was not busy. So we mostly just sat around and talked.

Tomorrow I start a little later than usual, as I have a job interview at 11:30am. Fingers crossed all goes well with that!
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