Monday, 5 October 2015

Raindance 2015 - Final Day

Look below at the time I'm posting this. Yep, I really am still up and writing at 5am. In fact, I've only just left the Raindance after party. For me, it wasn't as wild as last year as the only alcohol I touched was a couple of glasses of Prosecco and a beer. Aside from that I behaved and drank tap water.

As you can imagine on the last day of the festival the day was spent saying some goodbyes. Izzy, one of my volunteers bought Jeroen and me a delicious red velvet cupcake each, as she felt we had done "an incredible job" (though maybe she just plain famixed Jeroen!)

Ahead of out penultimate film, which went on screen considerably late, was a phenomenal short called The Answers. It was the perfect execution of an idea i'd had in my hear for a number of years: do we find out the truth of everything post-death.

Once that was on screen, me and Jerone headed across to the West End cinema for the final introduction by festival founder Elliot Grove, and then the real party started...

I'll write about the after show, my favourite films and give a general was up of all things Raindance in my new.

For now thoug I'm on the night bus, rapidly falling asleep. Time to put the phone!
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