Thursday, 8 October 2015

Stop Over

I'm back in Manchester, for one day only.

Tomorrow I head back to London, and I'll potentially move there permanently again. It's neat, in a way, that I return full time on the 5th anniversary of when I moved there in the first place.

Of course it's been nice being back at home and seeing everybody again. My mum is affected by terrible arthritis in her right arm, and Willow the dog has been doing some disgusting things (don't ask...). I didn't get to see Tyler, but my other nephews and niece - Jamie/Brody/Brooke - are doing great. In fact, Jamie's social skills have come on leaps and bounds in the weeks since I last saw him.

As a family, we made a trip to Nandos in Bury. There, the waitress was massively flirting with me. It was that obvious, my family were ribbing me about it. They thought I should get her number... but, I dunno, it's embarrassing doing that with your family watching!

Besides... London tomorrow.

Here's how the nrlext dew weeks are shaping up:

I work London Film Festival between Oct 9th and 18th.

During that time I should hear back from Forbidden Planet, with regards to my job application. I'd successful I start around Halloween.

Once LFF is done, I'll use the gap between then and Halloween to secure a room in London. At the moment I don't know whereabouts that'll be, or if I deed I'll share with my friend Jack.

I also have something to submit to Raindance. I'll keep quiet on details for now, but it might pay off with a job for the organisation afterwards.

There's also some projects waiting completion:

The sound edit of Fellow.

The final edit of Opportunities.

Writing Eight Months Last Tuesday.

Making my Halloween 2015 short film - Creeping.

Lots to do, then. Fun times!
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