Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Future is Now!

As if you didn't already know, today is Back to the Future day! Yep, October 21st 2015 is the exact date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to, in their future, within Back to the Future Part 2.

We've finally caught them up. So, this is it... the future!

"Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one."

Here's how things look for me:

Moving to London

I'm going back, to begin work at Forbidden Planet on Shaftsbury Avenue. That starts mid-November, giving me just under a month to find a new home, and get settled.

Me and Jack have been discussing whereabouts we want to live. Previously I stayed in Shepherds Bush, so it would be nice to live somewhere new. Today I found two properties - one just off Ravencourt Park, and another around the corner from Ealing Broadway. They're both West London. My feeling is Jack wants to try East. I'm open to anything; so we'll see what compromise we make.

Of course, some things are important. The place has to be as cheap as possible (we'll both be on minimum wage jobs) and we want a living room/lounge. I've done living in a one-room bedsit, quite well, over the last 5 years. I want a new experience. This time it would be nice to house share. So many of my friends live like that, and it seems very social and fun.

Once I've found somewhere, very quickly I'll move my stuff in - and hey presto, I'm back in business!

Life back in London

I've written a list of films that I've missed throughout the year. I'll work my way through that, and see as much as I can. Equally, I'll head back to my old West End stomping grounds (Curzon Soho, Vue Piccadilly, Picturehouse Central) and re-emerge myself in cinema going.

At the same time, I want to be more social - meeting new people, and making new friends. For too much of my last spell in London, I limited myself to just Vue folk as friends. Will be nice to meet other people. Hopefully, they'd include: Introverts, fans of cinema, Doctor Who fans, and friends of friends. I think one area I need to grow, as a person, is my relationships to others. Meeting people is a good chance for me to learn how to better listen, and react, to what people say.

You know what, too? I don't visit enough places in the capital!! There's so much to do and see, yet... I don't do any of it! Actually, it's a big regret of mine from the 2010-15 era of my life. I should go off and explore things on days off (might even help with the above point of making friends).

I'll cook more often too. Seriously, watch this space - as I'll likely blog about it!

Hmm. I know you shouldn't plan your life out. Things are best when they are spontaneous, but I can't help it here. It's like I've lived the London life before. I know what worked, and what didn't - and now is the time to make some corrections, and make the best of my time there.

Film making

I've cracked the central idea of A Sandwich Mystery. The premise, as it stands:

Alexa's life is in crisis - and to make things worse, her lunch has been stolen! She cracks and decides she's going to solve the case of the missing sandwich.

It's obviously a parody of the detective genre. I also added a happy ending to the piece. Alexa will be alright by the time the credits roll, I promise!

Editing on Fellow's sound will continue. Soon. I just find it hard revisiting that particular film, as it was made during that mad summer period where my life fell into crisis. Watching myself act out a crisis on screen isn't exactly what I want/need to be seeing right about now! But soon, I'll look into it!


They'll all be based back in Manchester, of course - but I'll still visit where I can. If me and Jack do indeed find a 2 bedroom place, then they can come stay over at mine too. I'll just kip on the sofa! But my saving grace of this summer, the one thing that I hold dear, is being around my nieces and nephews on a regular basis, and seeing them grow up. It's the one thing moving back to London can't fix, and I have to be honest it'll break my heart a little to not see them.


Like I said in the "Off the Grid" post, I'm going to be a bit more restrained in my approach. No more crisis mode blogging! But I will write on a regular basis, fingers crossed, about productions and things that might be on my mind.

With regards to social media as a whole, I'm a little burned by it recently. I'm really tired of talking to people through texts, tweets or Facebook messages. I still want to talk - but from now on, in person or over the telephone. I find things get confused or misconstrued otherwise.


So there we have it. A new era begins for me, and with it a new sense of purpose and direction.

"Where we're going, we don't need roads!" Doc Brown, Back to the Future
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