Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Boy Walks the Docklands At Night

Together with my new housemate Sarunas, I went walking and exploring my local surroundings. At the end of my street is a very beautiful, but distant, view of Canary Wharf. For our first adventure out of the house, the two of us decided to get a clearer view of this landmark.

It lead us to the Thames riverbank, where this view greeted us:

Sarunas is a keen photographer. He has his own Nikon camera, and selection of lenses. He was quick to whip the camera out, and take lots of shots:

If you look behind the flood barriers, you can see The City.

We carried on walking, and saw some interesting things. Sadly my Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone doesn't have a great camera for night time shoots... so I didn't capture some things I'd have liked to. But here's a selection of images from the walk:

Sarunas' beer:

We didn't walk past anybody for most of our journey. It's really, really quiet here. Then towards the end we came across a man and his dog. It was called Stanley, and was taken in from a rescue home three years ago - after a gypsy family abandoned it. Sadly Stanley was hit by a car recently, and has a very poorly back leg - hence his owner taking him for lots of walks, to speed the recovery up.

All in all, the Docklands look really nice at night. I'll come for a walk here again!
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