Friday, 27 November 2015

Beautiful Capital

To an outsider looking in, London is a big scary place. For example, I think it's only natural for visitors or new residents to be utterly confused by the tube map. It's a complex map, over lapping in many places:

(However, there is a logic there. When you get use to reading it, you begin to realise just how clever the tube map actually is.)

It hit me today, London is a seriously beautiful place. I know, I know... five years living here and I'm only realising this now...

Seven Dials looks great with its Christmas lights up:

There's a peculiar feeling walking around Central London on a daily basis. I've worked here for so long now that I feel like I'm part of 'the club'. I do take all of the streets for granted - like I walk through Piccadilly or Leicester Square, and it's just like any other street to me. It's a strange sensation, knowing that areas tourists have travelled far and wide to see... are places I walk every day.

Saying that, I am immensely proud that I live here, and so glad that I came back. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.


I'm working my way through the Saga comic series incredibly quickly. I'm up to volume 4 already. It's one of those series that's hard to put down. I rush inside my bag every train journey, to get to the book and continue the story ASAP. It features some beautiful art work (seriously, is it wrong that I find some of the characters STUNNINGLY HOT in this thing?!) but what's best is the twisty-turny nature of the plotting. I have to commend Brian K. Vaughan for putting it together so masterfully, that I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Chapter 31 was released this week. If you haven't already, check it out - or go back to the beginning by buying volume one (chapters 1-6) of the adventure.
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