Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Ground Control to Mister Anthony

Isn't this video just amazing?

Anyway... here is a screenshot of my local area.

As you can see I am very close to Woolwich Dockyard station, which is within zone 3 and links to central London very easily. The journey time is approx. 20 minutes to London Bridge, and from there I have the option of either the Jubilee or Northern Lines to complete my journey.

Also nearby is a big, handy 24 hour Tesco. This is only a 10 minute walk from my house - which is no further away than the supermarkets were when I lived in Shepherds Bush. The walk is actually very pleasant, and doesn't feel like 10 minutes at all.

Nearby to that Tesco is Woolwich Arsenal; a mini town centre, with its own screen on the green! The screen only plays BBC News coverage, but it is still nice to have that added touch to the surroundings.

The station is of course on the DLR line. That's the Docklands Light Rail, and what's amazing about this service is that for the most part it is driverless! Sitting at the very front of the first carriage is a lot of fun, as you get the POV that the driver would normally have.

(That is not my video - thank you to the makers of it!)

There's also local shops nearby, and Woolwich Library. I plan on getting a library card set up, so that I can begin to borrow plenty of books to read (I am currently working through The Establishment: How They Get Away With It - which is a good read, with a very obvious left-wing bias that appeals to my current state of mind).

I will explore some more over the next few days, and post my findings!


I met Svetlana today. Since the last time we met, she has had an accident and broken her foot! Don't worry, she is OK. We reunited in Angel, where we met for the first time. I got my first seasonal Starbucks of the year - for free! (It was Svetlana's turn to pay!) Afterwards we had a long and detailed conversation about all sorts of things, not limited to: UK politics, Eastern Europe (she's Estonian), Doctor Who and the female mind!

I couldn't stay out too late though, as I had to be back home early - to get a refreshing night's sleep, ahead of me starting my job at Forbidden Planet tomorrow. Exciting times!


My possessions are booked in to be picked up from Kathryn's on Monday evening!

Tomorrow I'm going to look at a sofa I saw on Gumtree, that would be perfect for my new room.
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