Friday, 13 November 2015

Jobs Worth

I went to the cinema tonight to watch Steve Jobs.

I've been excited to see it for a while. I love Aaron Sorkin as a writer with The Social Network being amongst some of my favourite films. I remember that film being the first I watched in the cinema, as an official resident of London, way back in 2010. It's fitting then that this follow-up biopic should be the first I see living back in the capital again.

What did I think? It's great! Yes, there's lots of talking in it - but it's what Sorkin does so well. Michael Fassbender is fantastic in his role of Jobs, and Kate Winslet plays the part of an Eastern European woman very subtly. I don't think there's anything over the top about her performance.

On the way out, a group of guys passed us by, and reacted when I said I thought the film was great. "No it's not, it's shit!" Fair enough, I get why it won't be for everybody. For me though, it's one of 2015's best. This has been a year in which few films have impressed me, I have to admit. All of them, generally, have one major flaw - whether that's story, or direction, or acting, or something more. This, Mad Max: Fury Road and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night are the only truly great films of the year to be great all-rounders. Maybe Inside Out, too.

Anyhoo... Go see it if you can, and cross your fingers really, really hard that Sorkin writes another film again soon!


Day 2 at Forbidden Planet. I'm getting into the grove of things now. I'm now able to serve on tills, check the stock database, stock shelves, shrink-wrap the books (so much fun!) and answer some customer queries.


I find that my knowledge of comics isn't as thorough as I thought walking into the job though. I might know about 5% of the book's on the market - so more often than not, I'm stumped when a customer makes an equiry! Oh well, my knowledge can only improve! (Dad would be jealous - I get to read any comic book I want on my break!)

My former GM and his partner came in to say hello today, which was great. They're the only familiar faces I've seen around - and it made me very happy to see them!


Sad news about the terror attacks in Paris. I wish this bloodshed would stop - both here in Europe, and across the rest of the world, wherever those conflicts may be.
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