Saturday, 7 November 2015

London 2015 - To Do

Ok, it’s back to London on Monday. It’s an opportunity to do lots of exciting things that I never got the chance to do when I lived there before.

First of all! Parks. I want to visit lots of them, and take pictures. When I lived in Shepherds Bush, I was only a stones throw away from Ravenscourt Park and Wormwood Scrubs - yet I never visited either once! That’s going to change, as I form lots of adventures in these spaces, and places just like them across London.

I also want to go to the theatre more. I’m going to make myself a promise: No matter what the cost, I will go and see at least one production in the city every month. I love the theatre - so this is one challenge I will gladly accept!

There’s plenty of really interesting cities and towns around London. Time to explore them! I’ve never been to Brighton, or Oxford, or into the heart of Essex. Well... off I go!

On a similar note, Paris is *right there* - literally 2 hours away. I’ve got to go see it! (Me and Jack have already said we’ll take a trip ASAP) Away from France, there’s lots of Europe I want to see.

Now’s the time to do it!

Then there’s all those London cliches that I haven’t lived. Like going to the Hipster cerial bar in Shoreditch, or going exploring the arty bits of Southbank, etc etc. Time to live it up, and really soak up the most of London culture.

Time to tick each and every one of those things off my list.

So... watch this space!

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