Tuesday, 10 November 2015

(Not So) Mean Time

I'm back in London!
My new home is in Woolwich, Greenwich. That's the South-East of the city; so a direct contrast to before, when I lived West (in Shepherds Bush). The biggest difference this time is I'm living with somebody else - my friend, Jack.

I've met my new house mates too. Mafalda is my age, and Portuguese. She works in a lab, on a project for water purification. That's pretty impressive! Then there's Saraunas, who is Lithuanian and works in a Bond Street Hotel. He is very hyper, and talks a lot. He wears his heart on his sleeves. I like him. He would be well suited to my former colleague Soo, who is also a motor mouth!

Everybody seems nice. So *bad joke alert* it's a case of Greenwich (not so) Mean Time!

Here's a look at my house. Apologies the pictures aren't the greatest. Mum - don't worry. The back garden will be tidied by the landlord on Sunday...

My bed. At last, it's a double!!

I have a new "Resolute Desk" too!

(My room is about the same size as the one in Shepherds Bush. The floor is wooden though! I'm playing on putting a sofa in one corner, so that me and Jack can watch films together)

Also... we have a dining room! Woo! We've already used it to socialise a little with one another. Me and Mafalda were talking for an hour about our love of TV/Film.

Look at that kitchen! I dreamt of something like this in Shepherds Bush. I will be using this a lot, and cooking lots of meals!

Upstairs bathroom...

My unofficial en-suite toilet!

Back garden. Lots of gardening for me to do. That's ok, it will be a fun project.


You've seen in previous posts that I've written long lists of how I want to improve, and things I want to do. Well, today is "day one" - it's time to start actioning all of that!

So, I've compiled a list of various things I want to do over the next 6 months, or places to visit. I'll obviously expand this list once I tick various things off it, or think up exciting new adventures to be had. But, for now:


As I've noted previously, there's lots of gorgeous green spaces in London - I just have to go exploring, and find them!

I'll be sure to take lots of photos, and write up about the visits here.

Greenwich Park
Hyde Park
St. James' Park
The Regent's Park
Battersea Park
Holland Park
Ravenscourt Park
Wormwood Scrubs

This list will become longer as I find new places to visit!


British Museum
Museum of London
The Science Museum
National History Museum
Tate Modern
National Maritime Museum
Imperial War Museum

Theatre Shows


(Read into that: I still need to look up what's playing!)

Other Towns/Cities

In no particular order!



Me and Jack want to go visit Paris for a weekend in January. Meanwhile my cousin Sam has shown me flights to Australia for £800 return - so I promised to visit her there in 2016, too.
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