Monday, 30 November 2015

November 30th, 2015

Bear with me on this one - as lots of random things assemble together.

Greenwich Park

I finally crossed this off my list of places visited!

I met up with Dana, who I worked with at the Piccadilly cinema earlier this year. We had a good catch-up with regards to what I've been up since leaving Vue. But enough about that - look at some of the beautiful sights we saw in the park, and around Greenwich (there are more uploaded to my Facebook account):


We went through this really eerie underground tunnel that ran under the Thames, linking one side of the river to another. It looked like something out of John Carpenter's The Thing.

Afterwards the two of us went to a Waterstones café and had a good chin-wag. It's moments like this, where I get to reconnect to people I know, that I enjoy the most. I think it helps me feel that bit less lonely.

Later on I added all the images taken onto Facebook, and created its very own dedicated album. I'll do this whenever I visit anywhere new. Mum 'liked' it. I'll show her in person, as she's visiting in the new year.

Weight loss

I weighed myself this morning, and I'm now 12 stone 8 pounds - which is 79.83 kilos. That means a) I'm now officially in the 'healthy' range (anything over 12 stone 10 is overweight) and b) this is the lowest that I've weighed since 2011/2.

This is a combination of eating far healthier, and also (if I'm being honest) not being able to afford all that much food - so I only eat what's essential these days!

iPod Update

You'd be surprised by how little I update my iPod. It's probably the one piece of technology I use the most... and I never find the time to put new tracks onto the thing. Well, tonight I did! I had a mammoth session doing just that. Mafalda came home and caught me doing it. She sat on my sofa, happily watching me sing and dance to the tracks I was adding! I think she thought it was either cute, or bat-shit crazy. I'm not sure. She liked that, funnily enough, half the songs I was putting on had featured in Billy Elliot. A complete coincidence!

Some of the songs added:


I really, really have the urge to get writing again. I'd do so now, but it's getting late and I'm tired. Don't be surprised if I begin the month of December by writing. I'm nervous about A Sandwich Mystery. If I'm going to parody a murder mystery, I need to properly understand murder mysteries on film, to really capitalise on their clichés and exploit them for comedy effect in this film.

Watch this space!
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